Summer (revisited) II

by Jem Croucher

4 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Summer 21’ series

Oaken tree tall, middle of field
Shading all from the sun’s heady yield
Shadow of evening, summer is here
Cobwebs have vanished, eyes are now clear
Long gone the cold that brought chill to the bone
Here now the sultriness smiling from home

Waxen soft thread in the new light of dawn
Shimmering there in the silvery morn
Seeing the first time Nature’s new child
Deep ‘cross the meadow and born with a smile
Hovering there o’er the blues and the golds
The treasure the wise ones have long known of old

Golden and wondrous, a soft yellow ball
Bouncing up high as the oaken tree tall
And down in the shadows a wee face appears
Smiles at the warmth as it dries up its tears
Now is the garden, the playground of these
Wild things of the meadow and resplendent trees

Hiding ‘neath dandelions in the green grass
Spy there the movement, hear, faint the laughs
As heavy out there in the grazing fields
A fire that burns bright and all that it yields
Sets fair the scene for summer’s play
Bright now the evening at the end of the day

And none of us want to say goodbye
To the cabbage white or firefly
So wane now slow this sweet refrain
As we are mesmerised again
Summer here and here to stay
Show us bright another day.


Jemverse originally published ‘Summer‘ on 6 July 2014. It was then reposted as ‘Summer (revisited)‘ as a part of the ‘Summer’ series in July 2020

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