Baby Boomers Aren’t Gloom and Doomers -We Just Keep Moving and Grooving

by Joel Kravitz

Boomer Grooving

This picture is a perfect depiction of my generation and it inspired this poem.
Baby Boomers…Gloom and Doomers??????

How anyone would ever think it, I could never guess.
We’re the generation that glorified “Just Say YES.”
We were looking for a Brave New World, one that we would find
And made it much better when we expanded and spoke our mind.

Our parents lived through the hardships of The Great Depression
And fought against History’s most evil aggression.
They wanted to give us a life better than their own.
They gave us the courage and education to face a Great Unknown.

Microchips and cellphones, a technological evolution,
And it was Baby Boomers who started the computer revolution.
From Fortran and punch cards to now incredible speed
We were on the cutting edge of information want and need.

We didn’t just lead the world to where we’re technologically today.
We also had much socially and culturally to say.
We were out there protesting against injustice and war.
We were marching for Civil Rights in 1964.

Les Paul’s magic instrument,  Sun Records and Elvis Presley, “The King” –
Pop music went from our folks Big Bands to that Rock and Roll thing.
Soon after that, the music world experienced a social and cultural Big Bang.
The Beatles would change the world with the melodies and lyrics they sang.

The music of the Boomers defined our hopes and dreams.
It’s newfound “Soul” burst racial barriers at the seams.
The Motor City gave our country the joyful Motown sound,
The little house called Hitsville became hallowed ground.

The music of the Boomers had an incredible reach.
Kids in So Cal were surfing and dancing at the beach.
The No Cal psychedelic scene told us to feed our head.
There was the long strange trip brought to life by the Dead

And the Boomer generation is still rocking and rolling,
So before you millennials insult us with your “alte cocker” trolling,   (Yiddish – old shit)
Fifty two years after Woodstock, our music’s stood the test of time
And America’s heartbeat comes from our music’s rhythm and rhyme.

5 Comments to “Baby Boomers Aren’t Gloom and Doomers -We Just Keep Moving and Grooving”

  1. Ride On! ✊🏻 power to the people. 💙✌🏻🙂

  2. Synchronicity there from another baby boomer across the pond. Rock on!

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