Ubi Sunt

by Frank Hubeny

Long ago we studied here when it was still a place.
Your name I have forgotten, but I still can see your face.
And others, too, their words we heard. I hear them still today
with spring pizzazz and peachy smiles before we went away.

Linda Kruschke prompts us to write an “ubi sunt” (where are they?) poem this week for her Paint Chip Challenge.

2 Comments to “Ubi Sunt”

  1. Thanks so much for reminding me about Linda’s excellent WordPress site. As you’ve probably gathered, I’m a sucker for all poetry types, so her poetry A-Z is a no brainer. Very likely to be an ‘ubi sunt’ on Jemverse in the near future and when that happens I’ll include a ‘shout out’ to you and Linda.

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