Modern Semantics of an Archaic Belief System 1.1

by Joel Kravitz

GQP Cancel Culture

White Christian America ended in the 2010s (

America’s history should contain many asterisks
And disregard all Founding Father speculation.
The Declaration and Bill Rights – read between the lines….
They were written for a White Christian Nation.

Their language is lofty ideals and beautiful words
With no mention of slavery and genocide
But those words fueled a White Christian Nation’s growth –
Capitalism has no conscience, only greed as a guide.

unrecognizable man with bulb against sundown sky

Photo by Clement Eastwood on

Cancel Culture has always been the thing to do.
It’s key to America’s “no opportunity for you” course,
Creating a sense of despair and hopelessness
For its traumatized “freed” (?) slave workforce.

Future generations would want to assimilate.
To become real Americans, they would deem
That moving away from their traditions and cultures
Would be a path to the American Dream.

But they’d learn access to that path is restricted.
White skin and blue blood are the things that matter.
And when it comes down to that and personal merit,
It favors the former and not the latter.

Now six generations after The Civil War,
The White Christian Nation is being confronted
By the progeny of slaves who have taken root
And whose history has been affronted.

Modern Semantics 2

Not grateful for years of second-class citizenship
And being denied basic dignity and civil rights,
The descendants want their forebearers’ truth be told –
Critical Race Theory is where they’ve set their sights.

The White Christian Nation is uncomfortable with this.
It’s not a something they want to explore.
They think that African Americans should be grateful
They’ve gone from “that past” to “the working poor.”

But the White Christian Nation is shrinking.
It will soon become the minority.
And it will be the culture that is cancelled
In a Great Democracy thriving from Diversity.

Modern Semantics 4

3 Comments to “Modern Semantics of an Archaic Belief System 1.1”

  1. Well said. Truth cuts deep.

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