A little chap

by Jem Croucher
Took a picture of the yellow
in my garden as one does
'cos they are really lovely
so I snapped them there because
I thought they'd make a picture
to put up as a snap
so I was quite surprised 
to find I'd caught a little chap

Trotting up the garden
to say hello to me
as I took pictures on my phone
quite absentmindedly
But as it turned out here the picture
was even better than I'd thought
as alongside all the yellow
this little chap I'd caught.


Photo – Jempics


3 Comments to “A little chap”

  1. Your camera lens captured much more than the little chap and the yellow flowers. Truly a captivating photo, at least it invited me to tour your backyard. The collection of sticks and branches with the mysterious globe is fascinating. Did the “little chap” intend to get into the shot, or was that just good fortune? I have a cat named Peggy who will immediately strike a pose if she spots a camera.

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