Painting Poetry

by Jem Croucher
The poet wrote a poem
to capture what he saw
just a few lines of simple verse
to have and hold in store

As there will be those moments
when as Wordsworth said
vacant or a pensive mood
will be the thing instead

And then there is the pleasure
to recollect those lines
and rekindle just a little
of the moment and these times

For this it is the privilege
the poet has to give
with words just like a picture
to celebrate and live

And always may that be the case
especially for me
as words they are my colours
as I paint my poetry


5 Comments to “Painting Poetry”

  1. Wow! Really an Awesome piece, Jem! Loved it, loved it!! I also consider poems paintings with words too!
    Chuck 😁✨👏👍
    FYI – might want to check this for a typo? “For this it it the privilege” – because I care!

  2. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:

    A Great Poem on Writing Poems from Jem!

  3. Thought you might enjoy my take on painting with words???
    “A Painter At Heart”


  4. Love this piece, to write from the hall of precious memories and paint with your own lenses…this is one of the best I have read on reader…thank you ❤

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