An Ode To Phil “Lefty” Mickelson

by Joel Kravitz
PGA Championship - Final Round

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Fifty Year Old Phil Mickelson Defies Time With A Win For The Ages (literally and figuratively) at The PGA Championship

He didn’t get a dubious nickname like FIGJAM *
Unless he outrageously “talks the talk,
But backing it up with six majors and 44 wins –
It’s undeniable – Lefty “walks the walk.”

Not afraid to put his money where his mouth is
Phil has a reputation for craving action.
And that mouth has had many a foot in there…
Requiring humble but always sincere extraction.

He’s fearless on the course and in front of mike,
Which is why legions of fans love Phil.
Whether he’s talking smack or flopping a shot
Lefty never fails to give us a thrill.

He’s been doing it for thirty years
And he’s been Tiger’s fiercest rival.
His love for the game, hard work and desire to win
Is the reason for his quinquagenarian revival.

Phil is a devoted family man
Who believes in meaningful philanthropy.*
Their foundation focuses on family and youth initiatives –
“Family is our own number-one priority,”

Watching The PGA drama unfold before my eyes
I saw One of The Greatest dig deep and play great and smart.
I know I had tears in my eyes when that last putt dropped.
Phil – Mazel Tov from the bottom of my heart

I know millions of your fans are wishing you the same

* FIGJAM (Acronym – Fuck, I’m Good – Just Ask Me)


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