An Insurrection Committee Opposition Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Trump Insurrection
TFG gives his Brownshirts their orders that led to this –


It’s Truth that Republicans despise
And they’re committed to telling Big Lies,
It’s their fascist position
So there’s GQP opposition –

And we all heard the speeches from Trump and his Gestapo officers that put the insurrection in motion.

What a commission will do is expose the GQP congressional conspirators involved. If the GQP is afraid that exposing traitors who were elected to uphold and protect the Constitution will weaken their chances in the 2022 midterm elections….well, what does that tell you?!?!

4 Responses to “An Insurrection Committee Opposition Limerick”

  1. unfortunately the followers will continue to believe their lies and not see what s in front of their eyes!!

  2. Very good blog?…’ people are talking about this on our blog.🔥 🤠


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