A Pulpit Profiteering Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Here are the richest pastors in America:

Kenneth Copeland $760M
Pat Robertson $100M
Benny Hinn $60M
Joel Osteen $40M
Credulous Dollar $27M
Rick Warren $25M
Franklin Graham $25M
T.D. Jakes $18M
Joyce Meyer $8M
Total: $1.06 Billion Total donated to COVID-19 assistance $0.00
Religious Organizations Receive $7.3 Billion in PPP Loans, Megachurches Amass Millions

The blasphemy of pulpit profiteering is far reaching
“Pay to pray” goes against what Jesus was teaching.
He taught God’s Love’s all-inclusive
God’s Grace is not exclusive….
It’s God’s Golden Rule these charlatans are breaching!

How is it that so many people that claim to be Christians and cling to the misguided belief that America is a Christian nation show total disregard to the teachings of Jesus? Hypocrisy is living a lie, which would explain how these people would be drawn to profiteering pastors delivering “fortune cookie” sermons with their hands out while supporting politics that go against everything that Jesus was teaching instead of being guided by The Truth – Love Is God’s Greatest Gift. This is the foundation of Christianity and every other religion.

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