“Lifting Stones”

by HemmingPlay
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I’m thrilled to announce “Lifting Stones” is available for pre-order now. Publishing is set for June 8 in print and E-book formats and available world-wide. It is also going to be in catalogs for bookstores and libraries to place orders through normal channels.

Published by Rootstock Publishing in Montpelier, VT in the US, a website is now up with background information on the book and a link to pre-order.


Early reviews are starting to come in and they are looking good. A sample: “…There is humility and there is enormous bravery. Within the pages of Lifting Stones there is no finite limit to Stanfield’s poetic skill, nor to his quality….”

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3 Comments to ““Lifting Stones””

  1. Congratulations on your publication.

  2. Good one. Congratulations indeed. Something I’ve often thought of but never done.

    • Thank you. I can recommend Rootstock. They’re still a regional publisher, but took a chance on taking on someone 3,000 miles away on the opposite coast. I need a good editor, and Samantha Kolber is one. Broke me of some bad habits, and everyone needs someone to do that, who only wants to make it better. And they’re pretty good on the marketing end, something I loathe

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