by Jem Croucher

7 of 12 in ‘The Spring series 21’ from Jemverse


The spirea in full bloom

with white flowers there abundant

and warmth of the sunshine

means winter’s redundant

and I’m pleased about that

and it fills me with joy

something first realised

when only a boy

For as a child of the summer

the heat’s that of June

from the warmth of the Springtime

cannot come too soon

For I’m alive in this weather

when the sun climbs up high

and the clouds are all fluffy

and blue fills the sky

So the spirea in full bloom

forms a synergy here

which is always a comfort

at this time of year


Photo – Jempics

‘Spirea’ was first published as ‘A synergy born‘ in April 2017. Rewritten April 2021


One Comment to “Spirea”

  1. I love how you can start going for lovely nature walks at this time of year and seeing how the months have shaken off their wintery chills. Beautiful photo!

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