A Time To Make The Will Of The People The Law of Land Limerick – PASS H.R.1

by Joel Kravitz


Fight voter suppression laws in the states. Let’s not let America regress to Jim Crow.

To get America back on track
And safe from the GQP’s racist attack,
Ending Voter Suppression
With H.R.1’s progression
Will give us our Democracy back.

There’s no time to wait while state-level suppression bills gain steam. Fair and free elections will be an uphill climb unless Congress passes HR 1.

The American people have demonstrated in the 2020 election and in the time since that they want and need many of the changes proposed in HR 1. The expansion in voting access last fall allowed us to break records for participation. Those new records are a sign of a democracy gaining vitality. The Senate should act to ensure we can keep breaking them in the elections to come.

Brian Frosh – Attorney General of Maryland, Karl Racine – Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and Norman Eisen – Ethics Czar to President Barak Obama
USA Today Opinion contributors

Voting laws: Time to fight back against voter suppression bills (usatoday.com)

Voting rights bill: What’s in H.R. 1? – The Washington Post


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