A Plight of Party Politics Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

politicalparties_broken system

We have to solve this problem or we are not going to advance as a country. For our Democracy to survive, we need to have elected leaders who will have the moral courage to put country over party, who will be open minded and negotiate in good faith and who will seek common ground to build a compromise upon. The impeachment trial demonstrated none of that. When right and wrong no longer matter and politics is a zero sum game, in the end we all lose. The impeachment trial clearly demonstrated that.

We watched horrified with our own eyes.
Trump sent a mob to terrorize.
It was clearly incitement,
And the acquittal an indictment …..
Of party politics causing America’s demise

NOTE – I published this limerick previously. I was editing it and inadvertently deleted it

4 Comments to “A Plight of Party Politics Limerick”

  1. Until we get corporate money out of our politics, and lobbyists out of the halls of government not much will change.

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