A Broken System Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

politicalparties_broken system

The current political climate could not be anymore toxic. It’s a war between two diametrically opposed political parties. One party believes the greatest good is only for the rich that are willing to pay for it and should exclude those that cannot. The other party believes that the greatest good is for the greatest number of people and that the price for it should be paid for by everyone contributing according to their ability to pay.

The sad irony is that so many frustrated, disillusioned people are so misguided that they are willing to do the bidding of the party that has absolutely no concern for them after they secure their vote. And, as we saw, that bidding can be unlawful and fascist in nature. Those are the people that will ultimately suffer the most because their frustration and disillusionment will be exacerbated by the betrayal of a party that only wants to use them, not include them.

We are currently in a stalemate. Hopefully there is a way to break the stalemate so that it doesn’t spell checkmate for America.

Partisan politics – so demoralizing.
With the two parties, there’s no compromising.
It’s a zero-sum game,
And a terrible shame….
So many suffer from their antagonizing.

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