I learnt to live

by Poetry and Literature by Sofia Kioroglou
photo credit by Zandax

​Before I got cancer
I cavilled at everything
Caterwauled and spat out
Unmentionable adjectives

Before I got cancer
My children hated me
I was controlling and unbearable
A helicopter hovering over them the whole time

Before I got cancer,
I didn’t know I had a present
But now that I am suffering 
I cherish the moment and the now

Before I got cancer
I didn’t know I had a future
I sucked each potential out of its viability
Before I got cancer, I was dead

​copyright 2018

Thank you all for reading and commenting!

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10 Responses to “I learnt to live”

  1. Brilliant; captures something of the human experience – or at least our shared experience with cancer. Well done.

  2. Thanks Sofia; I will reblog on June 11 of this year. I should have told you that I have long since recovered from cancer, but remember the season fondly – as your poem captures the shock of insight of coming to life under the shadow of a potential death sentence.


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