Two A Real Danger To America Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

Trump and GOP Congress

This picture says it all….gauges on empty
Trump – Dignity, Ethics, Acumen
GOP – Conscience
plus these ten lines

Republicans are what we should fear.
Tyranny is what they hold dear.
Trump’s not just their leader,
He’s a hate tolerance meter….
By now that should be crystal clear!

They want America divided.
Their MAGA malcontents misguided.
Their racist rhetoric inflames
And their fascist ideology defames
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights it provided.

GOP party of hate

7 Comments to “Two A Real Danger To America Limericks”

  1. Dynamite💥 awesome rhyme very true fact, the GQP a long big Corporation are trying to shove fascism down our throat America have to take a stand against fascism and bigotry !

  2. Its a poem that needs to be posted everywhere. I took a screenshot of your quoted message at the bottom and posted it to FB.. just wanted you to know…

  3. I should have asked first, about posting the quotes message above, in the black box. Ill removed it from FB as a screenshot post and wait for your reply, if I can post the image on FB. TY

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