The winter bully returns

by Jem Croucher

4 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

Breath escapes in tiny clouds
a whisper to the chill
as icy iron fingers grab
and hassle me at will

I’m minding my own business
A summer’s child adrift
Lost in this cold wilderness
and feeling somewhat miffed

I’m not asking for a mountain
it’s really not that much
I just hanker after summer
‘Cos we’ve fallen out of touch

And I simply fail to understand
what this winter stuff is for
‘Cold’ just doesn’t hack it
I need warmer days once more

The winter bully bothers me
and I wish he’d go away
Just leave me with the summer
when it’s warm ‘most every day



[I first published ‘The Winter Bully‘ via Jemverse on 8 December 2016]


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