by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

It was the end
of a brutal week
and tonight was
New Year’s Eve

The Wintery weather
was whipping snow
and sleet around

The airports were
closed and frozen over
just like her heart
had become

It was a hunker down
kind of evening
and that suited
her perfectly

The savage
Winter wind
howled outside
her window
with a deadly
not to wander out

It had been
a long and tortuous
year that she was
happy to see end

The year long
siege of a cruel
and wicked divorce
was finally concluded
the day after Christmas
when papers were signed
and the ensuing peace
slowly began to
settle in her soul

She was determined
to meet the New Year
as an adventurer
setting a new life’s course

Her resolution
for the New Year
was to never
get married again

The Universe
slyly smiled
at her resolution
knowing that Spring
would bring a thaw
to her heart and soul
and that true love
was waiting up ahead
to break
Her Resolution

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
PINGBACK – #SoCS Dec 30/17 – Resolution – HER RESOLUTION / The Reluctant Poet

Inspired from the Prompt for SoCS Dec 30/17 – Resolution
SoCS = Stream of Consciousness Saturday


6 Comments to “HER RESOLUTION”

  1. I’m reminded of the song, “Love’s more comfortable the scond time around” – – – Do you know that song? I love your poem – and pray for those who have lost loved ones this year (for whatever reason) – that they find new beginnings that are sweet and love-filled. ❤

    • Ahhh, Jan, You are such a Sweetie! Thanks so much for your view and the sweet comment. Yes, I love that song. They need to write one – The Third Time’s The Charm! LOL 😂😂 So happy you enjoyed the poem. We all have prayers for those who have suffered loss no matter the cause. Sometimes it’s hard to see what the future has in store for us if we are only open to it!! Have a Happy New Year’s Eve and the best year ever in 2021. Thanks so much for following my posts and blog, Jan!!
      xoxox 💕💖😊🌹✨

  2. I love this poem! Heartfelt 🙂 Happy new year!

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