by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Was Drawn
Back Into Childhood Memories
As I Listened To The Wind
Whispering Through The Trees

There In A Hidden Forest
Repeating Words
I Read So Very Long Ago
And Songs I Used To Sing

My Muse
Called Out To Me
From The Secret Place
In My Heart We Share

If You Looked Upon Her
Covered In Moss
And Held Fast
By An Old Tree

You Would Never Suspect
An Old, Dilapidated Piano
Would Be Anything More
Than Broken Keys
And Off Key Strings
Incapable Of Any Sound
Let Alone Beautiful Music
Or Inspiration

But You Would Be Wrong
Because There Hidden In Plain Sight
Disguised In An Old Broken Piano
Is My Muse
And I Love Her

She Calls To My Soul
And When I Reach Out
And Gently Touch Her
She Lights Up Like The Stars

And Sings Beautiful
Love Songs To Me
As I Accompany
On Her Keyboard

And As We Share
Dreams In My Sleep
In A Magical Fantasy
She Gives A Sweet
Gift Of Inspiration
For Me To Keep

And As She Leaves Me
Before The Break Of Dawn
I Wake To Words And Music
In My Heart
And Rush To Capture
Her Gift Of Notes And Lyrics

In The Magic Of Our Song

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired From Helene’s Photo Prompt – What Do You See – Nov 27-2018  Many Thanks, Helene For This Great Photo Prompt!!!



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