by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I  Arrived At The
Midnight Oasis
Around Eleven P.M.

It Had Been A
Long Haul
Across Texas
With My Big Rig

I Grabbed A Shower
A Shave
And Stopped For A
Burger And Fries
At A Diner

Too Early To
Bed Down
Since I Was Forced
To Stay Off The Road
The Next Day
For “Rest”

So I Thought
I Would Stop
In For A Cold One
And Check Out The Band

The Place Had Started
To Clear Out
But The Band
Had One Last Set

I Sat Down At A Table
Against The Wall
And Noticed
A Lovely Blonde Sitting
Alone In A Corner
And Looking
A Little Lonely

I Caught Her Eye
And Tipped My Bottle
To Her In A Hello

She Smiled Back
And Raised Her Glass
In A Friendly Reply

I Headed To The Bar
For Another
And Stopped To
Say Hi To Her
“Just To Be Friendly”

I Asked Her,
“What’s A Pretty Lady
Like You Doing Sitting
All Alone?”

She Looked Me
In The Eye
With A Long
And Intense
Stare And Said,
“It’s A Long Story!
But Yes, I’m Alone.”
I Told Her, “We Have
Time, And I Love Stories!”
And After Another Long Look
She Pulled Out The Chair
For Me To Sit Down

I Asked Her, “So Does The Story
Start With – Once Upon A Time?”
She Laughed And Said, “Why Yes!
How Did You Know?  A Lucky Guess?”

She Shared About Her High School
Sweetheart, A Child And Marriage
And Life In A Small Texas Town
And I Handed Her A Napkin For
Some Of The Tears That Got Away

I Shared My Story Too And
How I Ended Up With Worry Lines
On My Face From Heartaches
And A Life On The Road

And As I Looked Upon
The Beautiful Face
Of A Texas Wildflower
The Band Announced
It’s Last Two Songs
So I Asked
If She Wanted To Dance

She Said, “I’d Love To”
And So As I Took Her Hand
She Put Her Arm Around
My Waist And Pulled Me Close

I Read Her Eyes
Just Before She Put Her
Head On My Shoulder
And We Swayed To A Slow Song

The Band Came To Their Last Song,
“Help Me Make It Through The Night”
And As I Held Her Beautiful Body
Next To Mine She Slipped Her Hand
Up The Back Of My Shirt
And Gently But Firmly
Ran Her Fingernails
Across My Back,
As I Surmised
Her Intimate Intent,
Just Before She Whispered
“Will You?”

Wise Enough To Know
Not To Assume Anything
I Shyly Smiled And
Answered, “Will I What?”
She Replied, “Will You,
Help Me Make It Through The Night?”

And I Responded, “It Would Be
More Than My Pleasure To
Accept An Intimate Invitation
From A Lovely Texas Lady!!

And As We Strolled Out
With Her Head On My Shoulder
I Was Happy To Have Found
A Sweet Yellow Rose
And A Reason To Love Texas

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspirational credit to AURORABOROS


  1. I really enjoyed this poem, Charles.

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