A “The Vig Is Big” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

This is straight out of a Tom Clancy novel only it is not fiction. It is happening

Putin ain’t cutting Trump any slack.
It’s why the election’s come under attack.
It’s a safe bet
That Trump’s massive debt
Is going to be paid back.

Trump profited from being President. It is public knowledge. And that is just from the things that we know he did, most in violation of the emoluments laws. And what we don’t know, how much he was able to steal or inside trade, is a black hole of criminal activities waiting to be uncovered. And it is how he has been able to keep the Wolf, Putin, off of his doorstep. It has probably only covered the “vig.”

Our secrets and being a Russian agent leading the insurrection are the only negotiable currency that he can trade with Putin to pay off his massive debt.

Putin is not somebody that you want to owe hundreds of millions of dollars to. He’s not some bank or contractor or vendor that you can screw with. You don’t stiff Putin. If you try to stiff Putin, you end up a stiff – literally.

3 Comments to “A “The Vig Is Big” Limerick”

  1. The massive debt he owes to the American people in Corona deaths will most define his legacy.
    Meanwhile, he meets his doom with financial disgrace in a most fitting way.

    • I edited this out of my post as I didn’t want to be guilty of pandering a conspiracy theory, however, it is more than plausible, especially considering who we’re talking about – I have my own conspiracy theory about Trump’s failure with the pandemic. Remember, Trump did not condemn the Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan. My theory is that he wanted to get in on it and negotiated a deal on debt credit for every American Covid-19 death. I know it’s insane…but the entire Trump presidency has been insane from start to finish.

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