by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

It Was A Birthday Gathering
With Cake And Lots Of Candles
Blazing On Top Of It
Waiting To Be Blown Out
By Me

We Had A Fire Extinguisher
On The Ready

I’m Not The Biggest Fan
Of Birthdays
Marking Another
Ring Around The Sun

But, I’m Always Happy
To Have A New Birthday
It’s Actually
My Wish Every Year,
To Have Another One

You’re Only As Old
As You Feel, They Say
And I Feel Really Good
Yet The Truth Comes ‘Round
A Little Harder On That Day
Reminding Me
That My Trips
Around The Sun
Are Dwindling

The Road Ahead
Is Shorter Than
The Road Behind

The Day Is A Pensive
Reminder Meant
To Focus One’s Attention
On The Fact That
“Life Is Too Short
To Be Anything
But Happy”!!

And As I Pondered
That Thought
I Rejoiced At All
The Blessings
I’ve Been Given
And Then Blew Out
The Candles

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Righrs Reserved

Inspired From Dorinda Duclos’ Presentation Of Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge For November 19, 2018 With The Words – Celebrate And Number



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