by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Second Chances
Do Overs

We Don’t Like
To Think Of Ourselves
As Cold
Or Judgmental

We Like To Believe
In Hope
And Change,
And It Is Possible

But Nature
And Human Nature
Also Give Us Truth
And Wisdom Too

Some Things Never Change,
The Sunrise
The Moon
Stars In The Midnight Sky
Our Need For Love
And Companionship

Some Things Always Change
The Seasons
The Wind And Rain
The Tide
The Restless Sea
The Temperature
Our Knowledge
And Understanding
Our Emotions
And Ability To Love

Requires Us To Learn
To Make Adjustments
And Change

Helps Us Know
What’s Important
To Remember

So We Can Make
Informed Decisions
And Choices

Things That Make Us
Healthy, Wealthy And Wise
And Prevent Losses, Pain
And A Broken Heart

Human Nature
Tempts Us
To Take Short Cuts
The Shortest Distance
The Path Of Least Resistance
Snap Decisions
The Easy Way

Temper The Decisions
And Judgments You
Are Required To Make
With Knowledge
Wisdom, Compassion
And Grace

Withhold Judgments
And Opinions
When Not Required
Or Requested
And Without All
The Information
And Knowledge Needed

To Love And Treat Others
The Way You Would Want
To Be Loved And Treated
And Each Of Us Can Do Our Part
In Making The World
A Better Place

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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