Beginning III

by Jem Croucher

3 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months IV’ series

Two more months of ‘twenty’
and what a year it’s been
one that took us by surprise
the strangest one we’ve seen
Yes, I know it’s not yet over
and I’m not wishing time away
but now it is November
thought I ought to have my say
We have been through thick and thin
and though summer was sublime
the arrival of the virus
has brought a darker time

Now the winter is upon us
but insidious it stays
no antidote we yet have found
to combat this malaise
And yet this world has genius
so I’m absolutely sure
that it will not be very long
before we have a cure
That said though, this pandemic
has changed things for the good
so when it’s finally over
I hope that’s understood

And we do not return to
the world which we once had
one completely selfish
and bordering on the bad
But one which looks to kindness
and the better things which will
with just a little thought
an equanimity instil
So with first of November
as the last two months remain
let’s all rise to that challenge
and to that hope lay claim



2 Comments to “Beginning III”

  1. Yes, I’m with you! Let’s do it… Let’s rise to the occasion and lay claim to the hope that 2021 will bring. Let’s learn the lessons this pandemic and this year of social unrest and political dissension has given us a chance to receive. I’m with you!

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