by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Covid-19 Deaths
Aren’t A Hoax
People Died And Were

Copyright © 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 10-25-2020 – 08:15 p.m.

Covid-19 Deaths Are Not A Hoax!!  People Died
And Were Buried As A Result Of Being Infected
By The Virus. 

There Are Empty Places At Dinner Tables All Across Our Country
Because Family Members And Loved Ones Have Died From The Virus. 
Innocent People Died Because Corrupt Politicians Lied!

The Big Lie Is, “We’re Rounding The Corner”
And They Think The Public Is Stupid Enough To Believe Them
While The New Covid-19 Cases Hit All Time Record
Breaking Numbers!! 

Sometimes Lying In Plain Sight Just Doesn’t Work
No Matter How Many Times It’s Repeated.  Corrupt Politicians
Lie But The Numbers Never Will!!

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  1. Yes, the numbers don’t lie. There are those who think they do, however. There are those who are convinced that doctors and hospitals are reporting deaths as COVID related when they are not “because they get more money that way.” Hello!!! More money because it’s a virus-related death? And they believe that instead?? Oh my! We are doomed!!!

    • Thanks so much for your view and kind comment, Jan. We have to wait another week before we know that answer for sure!! Some people lay awake nights dreaming this Sh*t up. Hope you have a great week, Dear!

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