by thereluctantpoet

By Keza/ Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm/ The Reluctant Poet

I’ve Nowhere To Hide
From The Evil Contagion
That Spews And Spreads
From The Tenebrous Mind
And Out The Mouth
 Of A Fool

A Vector
Infecting The Air
With Waves Of Hate
Ignorance And Lies

Drowning The Ears
And The Eyes
Of The Willing
And Unsuspecting Victims
With Billowing Black Derechos
Filled With Poisonous
Words, Thoughts And Beliefs
That Bring Sorrow, Death And Cruelty
To The Innocent And The Believers

Billowing Black Derechos
Engulf The Land,
Enraging Emotions
Filling The Lungs Of Some With Venom,
But No Regrets In Their Hearts And Souls
For The Mistakes And Wrongs Of Yesterdays

We’ve No Need To Hide
From The Evil Contagion
That Spews And Spreads
From The Tenebrous Mind
And Out The Mouth
 Of A Fool

Because We Have
The Strength
And Light Of Truth
And The Power Of Love
For Everyone
That Will Protect Us
And Make Us Immune
To The Evil And Lies
From The Mouth Of A Fool

Copyright © 2020 Keza/SpiritedSoul And Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 10-20-2020 – 7:00 a.m.

Many thanks to Keza of SpiritedSoul for the joy of writing together!!
Always looking forward to our next magically collaboration!!

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5 Comments to “FROM THE MOUTH OF A FOOL”

  1. I do believe that kindness and goodness will prevail.

  2. Thank you, my dear friends Keza and Chuck 🙂
    Truth must be spoken out for those you are able to listen…

    Thanks for sharing your mutual power in the word and sense 🙂
    Hugs to you, dear friends 🙂

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