by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

An Anonymous
Good Samaritan
Stepped Forward
And Saved A Soul
From Suffering

While Bozo And
The Crazytown Clowns
Did Nothing, But
Make Things Worse
Than They Were Before,
Fools That They Are!

I Want Good Samaritans
Running The Government!

Copyright © 2019 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

America Cannot Endure Another Four Years Of  President Donald Bozo Trump
And His Clowns And Enablers In Control Of Our Country!   We Need Someone
Who Cares About “We The People”!!!

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  1. There is evidence of corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop implicating Joe Biden. There is no way any patriotic American can vote for Biden.

    I really do not understand your persistent attacks and slander against Donald Trump.

  2. There are two sides to a coin and one can’t be truly “Informed” if you only read, listen and watch what one side of the story has to say!! Try watching something other than Fox News and you might be able to look at more of the 360 degrees of a viewpoint than just the hand full of angles you view things from. To each there own!!

    You might want to listen to the Woodward’s tapes of Trump in his own words describing how he withheld the truth about Covid-19 from the public while innocent people died. It’s pretty hard to disprove what is recorded in Trump’s own voice – and not disavowed by him.

    Well, after having over 20,000 lies told by President Trump and verified by “fact’s”. It’s hard to believe anything that person would ever have to say. I don’t think anyone has seen any peso’s being paid by Mexico for Trump’s wall – the one they would pay for???

    Please believe what you want (write about your love and belief in President Trump if you want), but don’t opine on others not believing what you believe and judging it as “Wrong”!! I guess it’s a bit like religion isn’t it? That’s the beauty of America and the freedom of speech!!

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