by Jem Croucher

In the woods which my daughter
Called home for a while
Stands a structure quite tall
Full of mystery and guile
A treehouse built high
Now abandoned and sad
Though its stairs and its walls
With wood are still clad
But unfinished it lingers
Fenced off it its prime
Which is not all that far
I would say from a crime

When we visited rain
Lashed the woods all around
And the drops falling hard
Made a wonderful sound
And we sat in its shadow
With a warming fire there
As the rain fell around us
Its presence to share
But they tell me this woodland
Is now up for sale
So I trust that good sense
And sustaining prevail

For a house in a tree
Is meant to be used
Not left to abandon
It’s purpose abused
So I hope the new owners
With wisdom will see
A treehouse completed
For all then to see
And then one fine day
We’ll return for some fun
To this woodland to find it
Alive in the sun



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