How Do You Mourn?

by Alanna

How do you mourn a forest?

The universe it contains

Tree, fern, fungus, moss

Lichens draping from branches

How do you mourn the creatures?

That lost their lives

Their homes taken in an inferno of flames

Fanned by devil winds

How do you mourn a place?

That offered cool refuge

From the attacks of daily life

While the creek sang you lullabies

How do you mourn entire towns

burned off the map?

Homes turned to charred rubble

How can one fathom such loss?

In my home that stands

Beneath a blanket of smoke

I hide in the blankets of my bed

Unable to answer my own questions

All I can do is go on.

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Donate to Oregon wildfire victims: The Oregon Wildfire Relief Hub

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4 Comments to “How Do You Mourn?”

  1. Prayers for everything and everyone affected

  2. wow! beautiful words, but haunting. Be well and stay strong.

    • Thanks for taking The time to read and share your thoughts Jay. We’re out of danger here now but there’s still fires to the south. Waiting for the rain!

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