A What Would Jesus Do Limerick 1.2

by Joel Kravitz


How is it that so many people that claim to be Christians and cling to the misguided belief that America is a Christian nation show total disregard to the teachings of Jesus? Hypocrisy is living a lie, which would explain how these people would be drawn to a pathological liar instead of guided by The Truth – Love Is God’s Greatest Gift. This is the foundation of Christianity and every other religion.

Republican “Christianity” is hate beseeching.
It goes against everything Jesus was teaching.
He taught God’s Love is all-inclusive
And God’s Grace is not exclusive….
It’s God’s Golden Rule they are breaching!



6 Comments to “A What Would Jesus Do Limerick 1.2”

  1. WOW! My Friend!! You knocked this one to the moon!! I so Love this!! We are NOT a Christian nation and specifically have the first amendment to prevent the Establishment of any religion. It is very sad to see that so many proclaimed Christians have been drinking the Koolaid. Unto the least of these my brethren will take on a horrible new meaning when the true goats in the world and churches are revealed at the Judgment Day. They will discover that there are no waivers for following the teachings of Jesus – Not even from Trump. Bravo!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words and support. FYI I am Jewish. I have studied the teaching of Jesus. He teaches the Jewish concept of “mitzvah” – acts of kindness towards those less fortunate. Of course, Jesus was a rabbi and a Jew. America needs more mitzvah and less madness. Keep the Faith. Thanks again.

      • Love great writing and this was!! I have to laugh because today Jesus would be a radical liberal in most conservative’s eyes!! The parable of the Good Samaritan would be blasphemy against Capitalism!! The world would definitely be better off, by far, with more kindness, love and sharing!! Gee? I wonder where Jesus got all his great ideas and teachings from?? They never thing about that? Ha!! Peace and Love


    He traveled by given accord,
    But wouldn’t have driven a Ford.
    No pedals, no floorboard,
    Nor anything four-doored.
    No vehicled anti-war LORD.

    Responses from readers to Scott Ostler’s question (the San Francisco Chronicle in 2000):

    God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden in a Fury.
    David’s Triumph was heard throughout the land, and the apostles were all in one Accord.

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