A Bounced Checks and Negative Balances Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

checks and balances

THIS IS WHY AMERICANS WHO CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF AMERICA   MUST VOTE BLUE     #votebluetoendthisnightmare  #votebluetosaveAmerica

Sounding the “Blue Wave is coming” alarm,
It’s their last shot to do irreparable harm
To separation of power,
In their final hour…
The Re -Q -icans think three’s a charm.

This is the Republican way. They lost the House of Representatives but still own the Senate where all the real power lies, as we have seen with the impeachment and the way McConnell has derailed Democrats legislation and the stimulus bills to help the American people.

With a packed court, the Republicans can force a stand-off by questioning the constitutionality of all the progressive legislation that will be flowing out of Congress and being signed into law by a president who helped develop it. So much for bi-partisanship and responsible public servants with a social conscience.

This is not about Trump. His idea of a qualified judge is a pervert who gets off on molesting beauty pageant contestants. He is Moscow Mitch’s puppet who will do whatever the most evil man in America tells him to do for a lot of reasons, none of them involving concern for the future of America.


One Comment to “A Bounced Checks and Negative Balances Limerick”

  1. Well that just sums it up perfectly! Cheers to you!😁

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