A Moscow Mitch, The Most Evil Of All Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


Moscow Mitch is the one wielding the real power. He is the most dangerous person in America that does not have the nuclear weapons code.

Of McConnell, Trump and Barr
Moscow Mitch is the worst, by far
His desire to hurt
And racism’s overt –
His evil’s left the ugliest scar.

Trump is a liar and a thief willing to do McConnell’s bidding so he can keep stealing. Barr is Trump’s boot licking lackey and Trump is throwing him some sort of a bone to keep the real law away while he steals. All of the damage done to the country, to the environment and justice system come from McConnell. Trump is just doing what McConnell tells him to do. Trump couldn’t come up with the things McConnell has him doing. He is too busy watching television, tweeting, golfing and stealing. He doesn’t have time to come up with evil plots to destroy America. McConnell has been doing it for years and then he got his dream come true, a “Trump” in the White House.




2 Comments to “A Moscow Mitch, The Most Evil Of All Limerick”

  1. McConnell: Don’t ask…just do it!

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