Touching Glass in a Crowd

by HemmingPlay

The Earth burns and seas
Simmer, choke, seethe,
Smashing warnings
Against the complacent,
Sticky-tacky vanities
of rich and poor alike
With implacable indifference,
Erasing intrusions in wilderness
With mountainous, hideous
Flames and heat and smoke.
Hungry cougars flee into a plastic
Melting suburbia ill-suited to
A new reality.

But we still misread the moment.

As usual.

Like Pharaoh,
One plague after another
Has not broken through to the
Stiff-necked and arrogant
beneficiaries of this soulless meritocracy,
So we must also lose our children
Before we learn humility.
The skies are not filled with clouds and rain
But signs and portents,
Locusts and frogs,
Crocodiles and dragons…a
Rage of non-human things
too long abused.

Confused, simple-minded like
Selfish, ignorant children,
We cannot see that
Which does not match our
Precious delusions,
Condemned to wander in smoke and fog,
Merely touching our magic
Glass machines with the
Rest of a blind crowd,
Pretending we make a difference.

So pitifully, so utterly alone.

3 Comments to “Touching Glass in a Crowd”

  1. Strong vibrant words! Be safe of the smoke and fires out there

  2. Good observation that we cannot see what does not match our delusions.

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