A Going All In To Not Go All Out Limerick 1.1

by Joel Kravitz

trump supporters cliff

Trump announced that he is willing to spend his own money on the presidential campaign. “Whatever it takes. We have to win. This is the most important election in the history of our country,” he said. That may be the only thing that he has said about the campaign that is true. It certainly is the most important election in the history of the country for him.


It’s Deep State conspiracy time in Limerick Land. Consider this.

  • Trump is into Russian banks for hundreds of millions of dollars on loans against overvalued collateral that are non-performing assets incapable of generating the revenue needed to repay the loans. Russia wants the money not the collateral.
  • Putin needs Trump to be president for a myriad of reasons starting with how much it weakens America, but also so that Trump can use the presidency to steal enough money to repay the loans…so Putin does his part to get Trump elected. Keep in mind when Putin comes collecting and Trump’s response to his demand is “You gonna make me pay? You and what army?” Putin has an answer for that.
  • So now Trump has to go all in to win the election because when he loses and can’t steal anymore to repay the loans, he knows that he will be going all out of a seventh-floor window, accidently, of course. Convicted and sent to prison would be looking good to him, at that point. But winning and continuing stealing is Trump’s first choice even if he has to rig the election or deny the results or do whatever he has to do to avoid playing Russian roulette with a Russian bringing a six shooter with six bullets in it.

Trump will be doing a lot of advertising – negative advertising against Biden. He doesn’t exactly have any accomplishments to brag about – 190,000 dead from incompetent pandemic response followed by a collapsed economy from that failure….He’ll be trying to mobilize the cult of MAGA’s who swallowed his poisonous bait hook line and sinker last time. These people have an agenda that disregards the evil required to fulfill it. But there is that group of people that actually thought that Trump would make their lives better and America better. It appears that a big portion of this group are coming to their senses, but for the portion that still is delusional –

I wrote this as part of a poem with advice to recent college graduates and it is worthwhile offering that advice to the Trump supporters that think MAGA is something other than a con job

You can graduate Magna Cum Laude
But you won’t soar above and beyond
If you don’t have a lick of street smarts
And don’t know when you’re getting conned.

You should believe none of what you hear
And skeptically half of what you see.
When something seems too good to be true…
It’s most likely the way it will be.

And all of this “thinking” (?) led to this limerick –

If you believe Trump makes America great
You have obviously taken his bait.
He’ll keep you in the dark
He thinks you are his mark…
Your life is his to confiscate.


One Comment to “A Going All In To Not Go All Out Limerick 1.1”

  1. Meanwhile he syphons off the campaign funds to pay his legal fees, not that he ever will be held accountable for anything…

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