Rocks and shins and A&E

by Jem Croucher

August Bank Holiday Monday
sun is shining and it’s warm
so to the beach I should be heading
as you would ‘cos it’s the norm
Yet instead I sit in A&E
my leg still causing pain
Not my first choice I’ll admit
to be in here again
Strangely though it was the beach
just last Wednesday night
where I sustained the injury
the reason for my plight

And it’s been getting worse and worse
so much so that here now
I’m sitting in the hospital
wondering if somehow
that fall upon the shingle
when a rock and my shin met
has resulted here in something
to now give cause to fret
And it seems that I was sensible
to visit here today
to find there’s nothing broken
I am quite relieved to say

And you can see here from the photo
and the bandage round my shin
that the fall upon the shingle
really did some damaging
And the doctor’s diagnosis?
is to rest it for a week
no walkabouts or wanderings
or footfalls so to speak
So recuperation beckons
to allow the leg to mend
as lots more time down on the beach
I do intend to spend


Photo – Jempics


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