Why Bother

by Alanna
(Credit: RubberBall / Alamy) via bbc.com

To pick up a stray dog

To swerve for a mouse

To vote

To let another cut in front of you

To pick up litter

To eat less meat

To cook

To mend

To care about climate change

To do something about it

To smile at strangers

To call instead of text

To donate

To volunteer

To walk instead of drive

To write a real letter

To write to your congressperson

To write poetry

To draw

To sing

To dance

If each small intention

were a berry

Many would make a delicious pie

Let’s get baking

image by the author

for the backstory on this poem visit byalannapass.com


2 Comments to “Why Bother”

  1. I loved your list. Am gonna check ‘em off as I accomplish ‘em. Thank you!

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