Living in shorts

by Jem Croucher

So I sat in the garden
and it felt very hot
which sat well with me
as, content with my lot
I am best in the sunshine
and the summer sun
living in shorts ’til
the cooler times come

And truthfully if it
was always like this
I’d be in my element
living in bliss
Yes, the rain when it comes
is welcome at night
but the days they are best
with no clouds in sight

And if temperatures stayed
in the thirties all year
I know that I would
be happy right here
I’d live life in shorts
throw long trousers away
for it would be summer
most every day

So keep shining sunshine
high temperatures stay
keep this man happy
on each summer day
For I’m not one for Autumn
or Winter or Spring
but a child of Summer
in sunshine to sing




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