A Defining Convention VS A Defying Convention Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

dems vs reps cartoon

The Democrats want to restore The American Way of Life and The American Dream. The want all Americans to live in a country that has equal opportunity in the workplace, equal opportunity to get an education that serves the individual and the country, and that has equal access to affordable health care. Thy want Americans to live in a country with respect for the environment.

The Republicans do not. They want the rich to get richer at the expense of all who are not, and they do not care about who suffers from this. And even worse, they endorse and promote the evil that would make this possible for them knowing that most of the perpetrators of that evil will never benefit from it and are pawns in their plan to widen their wealth inequality.

With the American Way of Life careening.
The two parties are now convening.
Dems – the voice of reason.
The GOP suborns treason
And their voice is obtuse and demeaning.


2 Comments to “A Defining Convention VS A Defying Convention Limerick”

  1. As I read your blog right now, I am listening simultaneously to Kamala Harris talking about family, faith, courage, and struggles. I am so glad we have the “Dems – the voice of reason.” It’s time to stand up and speak out … and fight for what we believe in. I’m with you. Thanks for your magnificent poem. Bravo! ❤

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