To Forgive the World

by HemmingPlay

But I was up before dawn
When the tender last whisps of
The time of dreams slides west,
a 5 billion-year-old metronome.
The same, yet never the same. 
A bird —a finch, I think— goes about
Her day, at peace, hunting, exploring,
Hopping from branch to branch
With an occasional single pure note
To let her mate know she still is.

The Earth breathes in and out,
A promise, a new day.
The mountains — the same, yet not—
Please me each time
The sun touches them again.
The world lives,
And so do I.
This is enough.


8 Comments to “To Forgive the World”

  1. The earth lives… but it struggled to breathe. One advantage of this pandemic is the way the shutdowns allowed fresh air and fresh water to emerge again in places where the pollution was so bad. I hope we learn what we need to in this challenging time for our earth and its people and animals.

  2. I feel like since the day I started writing poetry 10 years ago, I’ve been searching for a reason why I do that thing. Why do I write poetry? But every now and then, I come across a poem like yours. One that simplifies life, the world, my perception. One that blows my mind into a catastrophe yet puts my soul at peace–all in one. Then I remember: that’s it. That’s why I write poetry. Because one day, someone will read one of my poems and hopefully my work brings clarity and simplicity to every load that they’ve been carrying. Hopefully my poem blows their mind into a catastrophe that they cannot help but perceive as a masterpiece–one that puts their soul at peace.

    Thank you for writing that piece. And most of all, thank you for sharing it.

  3. Says everything. Wonderful words. 😀

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