A QANON Is A Clear And Present Danger Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

conspiracy theories

QANON spreading lies and fear,
A clear and present danger to our great nation.
What caused this ugly head to rear
With its unrighteous indignation?

They deny there’s injustice and their racist guilt
Their conspiracies are filled with hate.
They reject the principles on which America was built,
The things that truly make America great.

QANON is a terrorist group
And that statement’s not exaggerated.
It’s time for America to take action
And QANON to be eradicated!

I am a believer in The First Amendment. However, I also believe that “the clear and present danger clause” needs to be applied to QANON

The clear and present danger test features two independent conditions: first, the speech must impose a threat that a substantive evil might follow, and second, the threat is a real, imminent threat. The court had to identify and quantify both the nature of the threatened evil and the imminence of the perceived danger.


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