A Couple of Citizens United Revisited Limericks

by Joel Kravitz


Political Lobbies and Lobbyists weren’t enough for an economy built on corporate profits. With greed as the fundamental ideology of the American economic system, Corporate America raised the stakes in the game with Citizens United. However, Citizens United, in their smug arrogance, intoxicated on their “money power”, seems to have forgotten that two can play the game, and that there are super rich in America on both sides and super rich that bribe both sides.

Citizen’s United – Be Careful What You Wish For. When I wrote this in August 2020 the Democratic Super PACS had raised three times as much money as the Republicans…ah yes, money talks and BS walks…Democrats doing the “winner winner chicken dinner” dance

Politicians could always be bought
And C. U. apparently thought
Corporate cash infusion
Would buy more collusion
Not considering what they actually wrought.

It seems C.U. underestimated
The pushback that would be activated –
Opposing Super PACs
Unleashed big money attacks….
Super rich liberals aren’t intimidated.


4 Responses to “A Couple of Citizens United Revisited Limericks”

  1. Nicely written!
    Here’s my thought on the subject – though not nearly as lyrical.
    While fighting fire with fire might seem to be the only way out of the inferno we find ourselves in, we walk a harrowed grey path to democracies demise if our condonation of such ills is not solely to extinguish its own fuel and flame.
    I’ve no use for being patronized by puppet politicians of any ilk or party.


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