A Limerick To Honor John Lewis

by Joel Kravitz

John Lewis

John Lewis was a true American hero. He embodied all of the best qualities of leadership that this country so desperately needed when he walked across the bridge in Selma and needs right now when American Democracy and the American Dream have been jeopardized by a person, elected to the highest office in the land, through his disregard for human life, through his personal foreign policy with a country trying to destroy America and is using him for that purpose, and through his using the office for personal gain. John Lewis fought for freedom and justice. He was disrespected by someone who wants to take those things away from most of us. God Willing, John Lewis’s death and our reflecting on his life will motivate those Americans that respect honor and courage and cherish freedom and justice and will be the call to action that removes the threat to the America we love dearly.

John Lewis – a man of courage and conviction
His last letter, an inspiring valediction.
To show this true hero disrespect,
Is it all we can expect
From an autocrat reveling in his own dereliction?

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