A Founding Principles Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Founding Principles 2

I came upon this article when I was researching the founding principles.


It certainly is thought provoking. I am a person who has always believed that the greatest good is enjoyed by the greatest number of people. Unquestionably, the Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the modern world and that America would have a mass society of over 330M people spread across nearly 4M square miles. Nor could they have imagined modern technology. These things make it so difficult for government today to live up to the high philosophical ideals of the founding principles as it applies to the duty of government to provide for its people. And it is most important to understand that property and happiness are not an entitlement nor are they guaranteed, only the right to pursue them which is what the American Dream is all about.

I believe in my country. I believe that government must perform its duty and protect the American Dream. I can not support a government that would seek to deny its citizens access to the American Dream and, unfortunately, that is what we are dealing with right now…in the middle of a global health crisis wreaking havoc on America and social injustice inflicting so much pain that it can no longer be ignored. But America is built on founding principles that have held it together and will continue to do so. Democracy, the American Dream and Freedom and Justice for All are what makes America the greatest country on earth. In November we can right the course.

I hold the American Dream dear
The founding principles I revere
With Life and Liberty, there’s no dispute
But Happiness’s pursuit
Is where politics and government veer.


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