by thereluctantpoet

By Keza And Charles Robert Lindholm

Your Words
Made Me Believe,
I Thought You Were
My Hero
I Thought You Were
My One And Only

Your Words
Made Me Believe
In You
In Love
In Us

Your Words
Took Me Into Another World,
Into A Future
That Wasn’t A Fantasy,
Where We Would Be
Together Forever

You Made Me
Believe In Your Words,
I Trusted You
I Believed In You

I Was Happy,
I Gave You My Heart,
I Gave You All I Had To Give,
I Dreamed Of Our Future
And Held Onto Your Words
Like A Lifeline

But, Too Soon I Found
Your Words Were Not True
Just Distorted Reflections
Of You In A Circus Mirror

You Weren’t Who You Said You Were,
You Used Your Words
To Deceive Me,
How Could You Do That To Me?

You Disappeared
Like A Thief In The Night
Leaving Me With
Nothing More Than
Heartaches And Pain

And Moments
And Memories
Spinning Around In My Head
Like Old Time Records

But Time Has Done
It’s Healing,
And My Heart
Has Finally Mended

And Locked
Those Memories Away,
Deep In My Heart
Never To Be Remembered Again|

I Guard My Heart
Closer Now,
After Letting Go
And Moving On

I Watch
For Those Who Use
Words That Are

Copyright © 2020 Keza And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 06-30-2020 – 4:30 p.m.

It was such a joy to write with Keza!!  I’m hoping to do
more collaboration in the future



  1. A great team-work of you both and it does not feel as two poems, it feels like the handwriting of one person – so great harmony I find here 🙂
    All the best to you both, dear friends 🙂

    • Awww, Didi, thank you so very much for your view and your awesome comment!! Being able to see this as writing by one hand is such High praise from you Dear Friend!! The message felt like so many of your great posts about those who are not honest and deceive – great messages from you that my heart soaked up!!! Bless you, My Friend!! Be safe out there!!

      • Welcome, dear friend – this poem from you both I really enjoyed, it was like telling a story from one’s own lif, living experiences 🙂
        Also for you and yours all the best, my frriend 🙂

    • Thanks Didi, it was a great blend of exactly that – personal experiences!! Writing with Keza was really great! I’m blessed to share that with her and am hoping we can do more in the future!!

      • Yes, that would be a great continuation with Keza. For this I wish you both much success and that harmony you both showed in your first team-work. 🙂
        All the best to both of you 🙂

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