Speckles and Patches

by Colly

Title: Speckles and Patches


tulips photographed this spring; sorry I don’t take many photos of my guinea’s.



My two guinea pigs,

Speckles and Patches say



When I give them a healthy treat.


Because they feel happy and excited

they POP-POP-POPCORN into the air.

Up and off their tiny feet.


Their, small, red-radish shaped feeding bowl

is filled up each day with

healthy vegetables and fruit.


Crunchy green cucumbers and snap-peas.

Their dark coal eyes say, “yes, please.”


Sweet red raspberries and strawberries.

From the garden, mom and I pick these.


They sometimes have

orange and yellow peppers too.

Cut into bite-sized squares.



And every day their, small, green

bowl is filled with hay pellets.


And their red hay tunnel is stuffed with hay.


When they feel tired,

inside their long,

gray-colored hideaway

or see-through purple dome

Is where they stay.


On top of some soft pine bedding

is where they lay.


After nap time, guinea pigs

run and have fun in their cage.


Every month their nails get a little snip.


They don’t like it – not one bit.


Waterless, coconut shampoo

Is used, at bath time,

to wash their fur.

And a warm, damp cloth

wipes the suds away.


Then they’re wrapped

in a small hand towel

to dry any wetness.


Now they’re nice and clean today!


But their cage is too stinky!

The dirty bedding is scooped up.


Then a spray bottle, filled with

water and a little bit of vinegar,

cleans their cage.


Now, new pine bedding is

placed inside.




Because a clean place

is a happy place!

Yes, it is!




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