A “Your Vote Counts The Same As One Rich Person’s Vote” Limerick 1.2

by Joel Kravitz

vote 2020

I was writing political limericks during and soon after the 2016 election, but I was overwhelmed by the change in the political climate and the events that came with it. I couldn’t keep up with it. And, I felt that it might even be dangerous to continue. You never know who is reading them and keeping score.

But yesterday I saw a post on Facebook that motivated me to edit this post from November 2018. The post was from someone stating 100% correctly that he had the right to express his opinions. Those opinions were not only diametrically opposed to mine, but also offensive to me. So, with the coming presidential election and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of 100 Senate seats up for re-election, it is time for me to once again use this five line poem to express myself. I want to be heard and let everyone who is eligible to vote know that they must use this Right of Citizenship to make themselves heard. America can not be owned by the super wealthy. There is only one way to end the wealth inequality that is the cause of all the social problems our country faces today and has for as long as politicians could be bought. And that led to this.…..

Washington’s full of bought and paid jerks
Giving their “owners” unjust owed perks.
America, it’s all she wrote
Unless we stand up and vote…
And show the rich how Democracy works!

And this…..



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