In the 11th Year of the War

by HemmingPlay
Ruin of the Oracle at Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi didn’t predict it’s own ruin.

And the 11th spring of the war has stumbled into summer.
The rains fall as normal. The birds seem oblivious to us.
And look! There goes a pretty young woman
with sandals and legs and curly hair.
I want to call out, say hey,
my heart, I have the wine and cheese,
let’s remind ourselves how precious
is this brief life.
But I don’t.

Disease and insanity stalk the streets.
I thought my old age would be different.
I thought my people were better than they are.
The line between good and evil runs
Through the center of the human heart.

Sometimes it twists in one direction,
sometimes the other. The same person
is capable of great evil and great good,
but who would cut their own heart in half
to root out the evil?


I hear the sounds of explosions in the distance.
Is that just fireworks, or target practice?
Disease and insanity stalks the land, and it is heavily armed.

And the 11th summer of the war has started cool and wet,
but it will be hot and dry soon.
I hear the explosions in the distance,
I think there are more than there were last week.
The disease spreads, exploiting politics,
Someone wants a war.
A virus laughs and kills all.
It’s always the same with us.

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