A Couple of Goodbye Las Vegas Buffets ? Limericks

by Joel Kravitz


Time to get back to humor.

The pandemic has affected our eating,

I have written a couple of limericks about this:



Americans love to eat. And this mind set towards food and eating drives it all – if some is good, then more is better and way too much is just about right. And this is why this restaurant niche business – the all you can eat buffet – has a place in the restaurant marketplace. But due to the pandemic, I’m afraid the buffet may have gone the way of the dinosaur. A buffet may be quite a food spread, but it is also a quite dangerous way to spread the virus. The lack of social distancing and the contact of human hands with serving utensils is as bad as it gets as a worst practice.

As casinos reopen, famous Vegas buffets still on hold.


They will be missed. I cannot imagine Las Vegas without buffets. They have a special place in the hospitality world there. There are people that go to Vegas just for the buffets. I love going to the buffets there. They absolutely embody “the way too much is just about right” modus operandi.

The Vegas buffet is an entertainment attraction,
Much more than a gambling distraction.
A Vegas all you can eat
Never has a bad beat…
For big eaters craving food action.

The bang for your buck is great.
The quality and selection first rate.
To “win” – eat the max,
Just unbutton your slacks…
And go back for another plate.




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