The World Wide Web And Social Media

by Joel Kravitz

the internet

I spend so much time in front of screens – a television, a computer, and a “smart” phone – trying to digest so much that they put in front of me. Are we an advanced worldwide society because we are connected by worldwide communication technology? With what we have been seeing on all the screens for the last week, that would be a difficult question to answer.

The World Wide Web

Is it the greatest communication feat?
Or a conduit for evil – a web of deceit?
Is it a weapon or is it a tool,
In the hands of a builder or in the hands of a fool?
A paradox of immeasurable magnitude,
It can be something decent and something lewd.
Using such powerful technology,
Social Media spewing ideology
Brings us together and rips us apart
With the love and hate it can impart.


3 Comments to “The World Wide Web And Social Media”

  1. I know. A real conundrum. 🤔

  2. Technology is a channel and conduit to the drivers behind the wheels, they’re out biggest challenge. The users are the forces to be reckoned with, not the tool. It’s time we are accountable for our actions and use those tools effectively. I understand the concept of what you’re saying.

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