by Jem Croucher

I’m not sure where it came from
but the book that I have now
The one I write ideas in
gives lots of joy somehow
It’s a bit about the binding
and the tactile feel it brings
with the strip of leather used to tie
pages and other things
upon which I will daily write
or keep for inspiration
ideas for my poetry
there in preparation
And it’s a bit about the knowledge
that with so many pages
I will know this special joy
for absolutely ages


Photo – my new poetry ideas book, started 1st May 2020 – Jempics

9 Comments to “Tactile”

  1. Hi, my name is Eman and I really liked the poem as well, and was wondering if you would review one of mine, I have recently started a website of my poems and other literary works and am struggling to get noticed among the other amazing websites, if you are interested then the link to my website is on my profile.

  2. Many thanks for stopping by, having a read and taking the time to comment Eman – it’s always much appreciated. Although I publish daily to Poet’s Corner, Jemverse lives here – https://jemverse.wordpress.com. Take a visit sometime. Meantime, I’m now following you on WordPress. Love your poetry page – wordsmithery from the heart here (always the best place to start). Little tip – try breaking the poems up into separate posts, each with their own comments and likes space. And repost on other poetry blogs like The FaceBook Poetry page. All the best. Jem

  3. Thank you for the advice – really grateful

  4. 😀 You’re most welcome

  5. Hello I am a 13 yr old who just started her way into poetry. Would love it if you could check out my blog. Your poem is great😁👌pls do see mine and tell me if you like it. My blog, mystoems( stories+poems ) was just started by me. Hope u like it😅

    • Thanks Pranjali and pleased to hear you liked ‘Tactile’. I like your new blog – keep up the good work. Keep writing and keep publishing. My first poems were written in my early teens – now over half a century ago. So never, ever stop – life is there to write about.

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